Lake Cou​ntry K9 to 5 LLC

Lake Country K9 to 5 LLC Is open for Business as dog walking is deemed an essential Activity. 

We are committed to the health and safety of staff and clients. 

See what we are doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses

  • All staff are provided with hand sanitizer, latex gloves, anti-bacterial wipes and sanitizing wipes (like Lysol or Clorox) as well as a bottle of rescue Remedy (Viral/Bactericide) to use between clients.
  • We will be using our own Leashes this ensures we are not touching or breathing on your equipment. Leashes will be sanitized with Rescue Remedy Between Clients.
  • We Will Call All Loose Dogs to the door so we do Not enter as often as possible. Dogs that (Dont listen, Are deaf, Crated or blocked from entry door will require us to enter your home; We will sanitize all surfaces touched in this instance) 
  • When clients provide sanitizing wipes, we will wipe down all surfaces that we have touched while in your home
  • We also offer a “no entry” option for clients who will be working from home and would prefer that