Covid-19 Policies and Procedures:

  • Due to the safer in place order we will ONLY be able to service clients who are NOT home or who are physically unable to walk their own dogs until further notice. 
  • All employees will wear and Change into a new pair of disposable gloves for each visit.
  • All employees will wash hands as often as possible as well as use hand sanitizer before and after each visit. 
  • All employees will use their own Company provided leashes whenever possible and wipe down between clients. 
  • All employees will Wipe down any services they touch with company provided Cleaning wipes- We ask you do the same for doorknobs/kennel Doors before you leave.
  • Dogs who are left loose in your home will be called to the door (when safe to do) So we do not have to enter your home. 
    • If you are home please have the dogs meet us at the door or leave them in the yard for us to grab- We can text or call when we are on our way! 
  • We are NOT requiring clients to pay to hold their spots! Tips/Prepayment for future use is greatly appreciated and welcome however NOT required! 
  • We ask any Clients who have recently traveled or who are sick (in any way) to PLEASE CANCEL your visits for at least 14 days! IF we arrive to find you home sick We will Cancel your visit and any upcoming visits (over a 14 days period) and you WILL be charged for that original visit! 

Thank you for your support and cooperation during this difficult time.