Available Discounts

Dog Walk Packages

Prepaid Packages are available in 

10, 15 and 25 count options. 5-15% off. 

Packages expire 90 days from date of purchase. 

Purchasable by Client through client portal.

Set it and forget it- Auto renew Feature available!

5%-15% off​

Monthly Invoicing

Do you know your schedule in advance every month?

Schedule and Pay for the entire month in advance in exchange for a deep discount! 

(Requires a Minimum 3 walks per week and you MUST Request monthly Invoicing!) 

Due to the significant discount, Cancelled walks will NOT be refunded OR credited to your next invoice - HOWEVER if you cancel a walk you can reschedule it for no additional fee as long as its scheduled within the same month in which it was cancelled. 

Automatic 20% off