Lake Cou​ntry K9 to 5 LLC

We are available Monday- Friday 9am-3pm 

(after hours and Weekends by request ONLY) 

for your dog walking needs! 

Trail Hikes

Hikes as Needed $40.00 Per Hike


8 Hikes Monthly $296.00/Month 

12 Hikes Monthly $420.00/Month

16 Hikes Per Month $528.00/Month

22 Hikes Monthly (M-F weekly): $660.00/Month

  • Private Hike at Waukesha County Parks Or Wisconsin State Parks

  • All dogs Must be leashed while we hike- PER PARK RULES.
  • Your dogs will be picked up, driven to the trails, walked on the trails for 45-75 Minutes then returned home. We will be out for up to 1 hr 30 minutes TOTAL from pickup to drop off..
  • Hikes will be Cancelled during Adverse Weather- if requested we may substitute a 30 min walk in the event of a cancelled hike in which case rate will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Hikes are NOT available on Holidays
  • Hike Packages are AUTOMATICALLY Invoiced and Billed on a Monthly Recurring Basis On the 6th of every Month- Until Cancelled

Hikes Prerequisites:

  • Dog Must be 6 months of age or older- NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Must be current on all Vaccines. - TEITERS ACCEPTED
  • Client MUST live within 15 Minutes (one way) of any of the above listed trails.