Lake Cou​ntry K9 to 5 LLC

Meet Our Trainers

Ashley Romero

Ashley, Owns and runs Lake Country K9 to 5 LLC, She has been Working with, handling and training dogs for the past 10 years. She uses force free training techniques and is often called on to assist owners with Puppy Basics, Obedience training and Common Problem behaviors, Such as Barking, Leash pulling, Chewing, Counter Surfing, jumping and mouthing. She does NOT work with dogs that are people or dog aggressive or  have sever separation anxiety however she can refer you to a behaviorist that specializes in those issues. 

Deanne Pirelli

Deanne Has Spent the last 5 years, Fostering and Rehabbing rescue dogs as well helping to Task train Service and Therapy dogs for friends and family. She uses Balanced dog training and creates her training plan based on each individual dogs needs. Other Common things shes Called on to help with are, common basic obedience problems such as Barking, Boundary training, Counter surfing, jumping, Mouthing, Basic House manners. She is Not currently Accepting dogs With Major Reactivity, Dog or People Aggression or Sever Separation Anxiety. 

Dog Training Policies And Procedures:

Initial Consultation IS REQUIRED for all new clients. 

There is a 75$ Fee Which is applied to your first official training session OR towards a package. 

 Please allow 30-90 Minutes for the trainer to assess your dogs needs. 

Private Sessions 

Sessions are scheduled by appointment ONLY! 

Please contact us Directly for availability Or view our sitter calendars (booking widget on the main dog training tab) 

Our Private sessions are where one of our trainers comes to your home to work with your and your dog. We will teach Your dog 1-3 Cues/Commands, teach you how to implement that cue/command answer any questions/concerns, offer tips and tricks and leave you to work on what we taught you until our next scheduled session. Generally we schedule a minimum of 1 session per week for the first 2-3 sessions.

We offer Session Packages, of 4 (basic Obedience) 6, 8 & 16 Lessons. Packages are deeply discounted in exchange for your commitment to train your dog. 

Board and train: 

Is where you send your dog to come live with one of us for 3 weeks then have a week of follow up sessions in your home.  During your dogs stay they learn key skills, Such as Sit, Down, Come, off, Wait, Loose leash walking, Crate training, Door boundaries, place training, Tricks, Backup, No jumping on guests, Work with No barking (at visitors), NO COUNTER SURFING TRASH DIVING ETC. 



50% NON REFUNDABLE Deposit is Due at the time of booking to Reserve training Dates 

Remaining Balance Due in FULL At drop off. 

Please  Book board and train a Minimum of 30 days in Advance. 

Lake Country K9 to 5 LLC Reserves the right to assess the Full Lesson fee for Cancellations with less than 1 hour notice.

All policies and procedures subject to change