Lake Cou​ntry K9 to 5 LLC

Dog Training

 Board and train ~ $1,600 per dog (Full Program)

Want a well Behaved dog? Let us Do the hard work and Start your puppy off right! Our Board and train program is 21 Days of boarding with one of our trainers and offers daily training to teach your puppy critical life skills and socialization. 

Week 1-2: We work on Crate training, Come, Sit, down, Wait, off, drop it, loose leash walking,place,touch, appropriately greeting people/dogs, boundaries, Socialization (people/dogs) and house manners, and we address any immediate problem behaviors (biting, counter surfing etc)  We proof these behaviors by achieving on command responses in multiple settings with different levels of distraction. 

Week 3: We  Continue proofing your dogs behaviors as well start advanced commands and some tricks once we have achieved all of the above with consistency.

Week 4: We bring your dog home, have a send off Lesson (approx 90 Min) to teach you how we have been working with your dog, then schedule an additional 4 lessons (Normally 1 every 1-2 days over their first week home) to make sure they re-acclimate into your home without issue!


Next opening with Ashley October 1 2020 

Next Opening with Dena January 1 2021

Private Lessons ~ $75.00 per Individual lesson

Each lesson is approximately 1 hour and We discuss everything from puppy fundamentals, housebreaking tips and tricks, crate training (and why its important) sit, down, come, Loose leash walking, off and how to solve some regularly seen problematic behaviors.

Lesson Packages Include a Certificate of Completion Basic Obedience. Single One off Lessons do NOT include a Certificate of completion.

Phone Consults: Free

Initial Consultation: $75.00 - This fee is credited towards your first lesson or package upon booking! 


 Rate Includes your Initial Consultation & a Certificate of Completion 

$240.00 ~4  lesson package + Initial Consult

$330.00 ~ 6 Lesson Package + Initial Consult

Private lessons are held in your home! 

We Travel anywhere within Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties!

Book Training Online NOW! 

Please Book Board and Train at least 2 Months in Advance! 

Meet Our Trainers

Ashley Romero

Ashley, Owns and runs Lake Country K9 to 5 LLC, She has been Working with, handling and training dogs for the past 10 years. She uses force free training techniques and is often called on to assist owners with Puppy Basics, Obedience training and Common Problem behaviors, Such as Barking, Leash pulling, Chewing, Counter Surfing, jumping and mouthing. She does NOT work with dogs that are people or dog aggressive or  have sever separation anxiety however she can refer you to a behaviorist that specializes in those issues. 

Deanne Pirelli

Deanne Has Spent the last 5 years, Fostering and Rehabbing rescue dogs as well helping to Task train Service and Therapy dogs for friends and family. She uses Balanced dog training and creates her training plan based on each individual dogs needs. Other Common things shes Called on to help with are, common basic obedience problems such as Barking, Boundary training, Counter surfing, jumping, Mouthing, Basic House manners. She is Not currently Accepting dogs With Major Reactivity, Dog or People Aggression or Sever Separation Anxiety.