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Dog training.

Ashley, has been helping people teach their dogs basic obedience as well as helping them solve any MINOR behavioral Issues for the past 10 years. 

Ashley offers very flexible programs which can be customized to her clients and their dog's needs. 

She uses Fear Free, Force Free Training Methods and is often asked to help clients with behaviors such as, loose leash walking, mouthing, not listening, crate training, jumping, load up for car rides, Basic house manners (House training, wait, extended wait, place training, touch{potty bells}, sit, down, off, come, door manners {boundary training}) as well as tricks (dance, beg, bow etc) and Puppy Socialization.

 Ashley Currently does NOT offer any type of behavior modification that would be required for dog or stranger aggressive dogs or dogs that have sever anxiety. However she can recommend a qualified behaviorist if you are in need of that type of training! 

Check Some of Ashley's training videos on Youtube.

Initial Consultation 

The Initial Consultation is Free and required. This visit I come to your home, meet you and your dogs and discuss what your looking to achieve. I will preform a few Cue tests to see how well your dog responds both with and without you in the room. We decide on the type of training thats best and if we want to move forward. This visit can take up to 2 hours. 

Complimentary !

One on One Training

This program is perfect for the first time dog owner and /or for the person who wants to learn better training skills while training their dog. This program is based on scheduled sessions with Ashley, you and your dog. 

In these sessions, Ashley not only trains your dog but also trains you to train your dog and keep it trained. One on one, hands on sessions starting with the basic commands,

These sessions not only work to train a new pup or young dog but can also be tailored to focus on a specific behavior you would like to change (such as loose leash walking or mouthing, not listening, etc.) 

Flexibility is the key here, these sessions can be scheduled to fit your schedule, plus many owners are reluctant to send their dog away to school so with this method your dog goes home with you.

1 hour Sessions:

$40.00 per session


5 session Package:$160.00

8 session Package $240.00

For best results booking a minimum of  1 session per week for 4 weeks is highly recommended.

Board and Train 

Ashley also offers boarded training programs out of her home for there are times when a dog needs a structured daily training regimen (also called full immersion training). 

These programs are flexible and tailored to each dog However there is a 10 day MINIMUM stay requirement. This is because MOST dogs take 3-5 Days to acclimate to a new environment and you wont see very much progress from any training done during that time. 

Ashley Uses Fear Free, Force Free methods No shock collars or Choke chains there for this is NOT a quick fix program. 

Ashley DOES NOT take Dogs with ANY type of Anxiety for board and train and reserves the right to cancel your dogs program at ANY TIME if your dog displays signs of sever anxiety. (Including but not limited to extreme destruction when left alone or crated (chewing doors or walls, destroying kennels) Jumping through closed windows, Self mutilation (chewing on itself) 

Puppies must be 10 weeks old & have had 2 sets of shots to attend Board and train. 

Dogs over 5 months old MUST have full vaccines including rabies tag and MUST be crate trained or able to be left in a dog proof room when unable to be supervised. (overnight and up to 4 hours during the day) 

Board and train Rates:

$45.00 per day.

Rate Broken down is $25.00 Per day boarding $20.00 Per day For training. Full Boarding  fee is due to reserve requested training dates.  Remaining Balance (training fees) are due at or before your dogs arrival - Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon in writing.

Payment and Refund Policy

  1. All Payments can be made via, Cash, Credit/Debit card or Zelle. (Checks, Money Orders, Pay pal and Venmo are NOT ACCEPTED!)
  2. Payment for One on One Sessions must be received in full at the start of each session or paid in advance for services to be rendered.
  3. Payment for Board and train:Full Boarding fee is due to reserve requested training dates. Remaining Balance (training fees) are due at or before your dogs arrival - Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon in writing.
  4. Once any part of a package or service has been provided, no refund will be issued.
  5. No refunds will be issued for “no shows” (“No show” is defined as: Trainer arrives at the appointed time and place and client fails to be present or show up within 15 minutes or without notice).
  6. No refunds will be issued if a service has been cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the appointed time the service was scheduled, a credit will be issued and service will be rescheduled.
  7. No refund will be issued and credit will be forfeit, if client fails to reschedule any service within six months of being cancelled, no refund will be issued and credit will be forfeit.
  8. Ashley Reserves the right to Cancel ANY board and train program at ANY time for ANY reason before OR During your dogs stay. Including but not limited to if she feels your dog needs a behaviorist for its issues or its a danger to itself or others. No REFUND will be issued for the days of board and train your dog has completed however a Full refund for the remaining uncompleted days will be promptly issued in this circumstance. 

All rates are subject to change at our discretion at any time. We try our best to keep this website updated and current, however prices on the website may not reflect the most current rates and are subject to change.

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